Friday, 11 November 2016

Stories of African Peace Builders [and 200 Years of Quaker Action]

from Milford Haven Quaker Meeting
at The Torch Theatre
St. Peter's Road
Milford Haven
SA73 2BU
31st October - 25th November 2016

Rosa Imbega from Kenya travelling home by minibus overheard two young men planning to attack a tribe in her area. There had recently been a lot of trouble causing the deaths of many people and the loss of many homes. Mama Rosa, a Quaker, had been trying to help people from different tribes to get along with each other. She got off the bus with the two young men, asked them not to attack, and invited them to come to her home the next day to talk about the problems. She worried all night that they might attack her. She was delighted when they arrived and agreed to take tea with her. They told her about the injustices that had made them angry, and she said that she would talk to the people who had harmed them. She was able to help the two communities towards reconciliation and the prevention of further violence. She continues to work for peace in her region.

This is one of the stories told in the exhibition “This light that pushes me” at the Torch Theatre. The panels illustrate the courage shown by people in tackling some of the serious issues in the Great Lakes region of Africa and traces their journeys from violence, through healing, to activism.

Alongside this is another exhibition which tells of Quaker responses to conflict from the Irish Potato Famine, through two World Wars, and up to the present day.

Both exhibitions are stimulating and thought provoking and particularly relevant to Milford Haven with its long Quaker history. The Meeting House in Priory Road opened in 1811, remains an active Quaker community today, and welcomes visitors

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