Friday, 25 November 2016

Kindlers & Leaveners

further to leaflets and information given out at Meeting on Sunday 20th December 2016 if you weren’t there or didn’t pick up a leaflet….

A link to Kindler events in London and Leeds in 2017

The following Kindler booklets are all £3 and available from Friends Book Centre [link]. And Narberth Meeting library

Signposts: Quakers exploring interfaith by Eva Tucker and Stephanie Ramamurthy.

Breakthrough to Unity: the Quaker Way held within the mystic traditions by Roswitha Jarman.

Journeying the Heartlands: exploring spiritual practices of Quaker worship. Elizabeth Brown and Alec Davison (eds.)

Explorations: discovering a spiritual way by Judith Fullard Smith.

Answering that of God: discovering spirit within by Peter Parr

But Who do you Say that I am? Quakers and Christ today by Douglas Gwyn.

Through us not from us: vocal ministry and Quaker worship by Rex Ambler, Alec Davison, Janet Scott and Michael Wright.

This I Warn You in Love: witness of some early Quaker women by Catie Gill and Elaine Hobby.

Love Growing in us: questioning the Quaker peace testimony by John Lampen

Visioning new fire: working for Quaker renewal. Conference inputs and outcomes

The Power we call God: threshings matter for Quaker visioning by Frank Parkinson.

Why Silence?: revisiting the foundations of Quaker worship by Brian Holley.

The Kindler’s On the Road series


The Leaveners : art inspiring change
Their vision statement

"To lead on socially and ethically conscious programming based on Quaker values, so that we are an exemplar for community arts; encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and opportunities to learn and interact with other cultures to explore new ways of thinking and being.

And appeal [unlike many arts organisations they do not apply for lottery funding

A link to a pdf of the annual review and appeal - when it is online I'll change the link [they are updating their website]


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